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Peptide Protection with ArgoPro

Peptide sequences that contain Cys, Met or Trp have been infamous for being suceptible to oxidation.

Meanwhile, peptide sequences that contain multiple charged residues such as Arg, Asp, Glu, His or Lys carry the risk of moisture absorption.

ArgoPro was implemented into our lyophilization packing technology which eliminates any experimental variability which results from peptide oxidization and moisture absorption.

ArgoPro peptide protection is now standard on all catalog peptides!

This increases the integrity of our catalog peptides and ensures that our customers receive assay ready peptides of the highest quality.

Benefits of ArgoPro Peptide Protection

Reduces Project Costs

Prolonged storage life permits researchers to order multiple peptides at one time, decreasing order lead time and repeat shipping costs.

Now Standard and Included on ALL Catalog Peptides

This service is now FREE and is standard on all catalog peptides offered by CanadaPeptide.

Higher Accuracy

Mitigates un for seen errors in peptide assays by defeating issues caused by oxidization and moisture absorption.

Increased Stability and Storage Life

Facilitates long term storage and improved stability during storage.