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CanadaPeptide uses precise synthesis and manufacturing protocols, strict QA/QC procedures, and state-of-the art technologies to assure that only the highest quality products are manufactured and delivered.

Why Choose CanadaPeptide.com

ISO9001:2000 certified Team Dedicated to Peptide Synthesis and Manufacture.
Any Sequence Length from small to long peptide chains ( >100 amino acids)
From the regular peptides to any and all kinds of modified peptides or proteins
Volume quantities ranging from milligrams to kilograms
GMP standard peptides are available
All peptides are delivered with HPLC and Mass Spectroscopy data
Fast turnaround time: 6-12 working days.

All custom peptide and protein products are supplied with strict analytical documentation, which include HPLC and MS analysis. Average lead time for most custom peptides is within 3-4 weeks until delivery. The time may vary depending on the peptide complexity and length as well as modifications. All client information is treated with the utmost strictest security and confidentiality. If requested, we are more than pleased to sign a client confidentiality agreement before receiving your custom compound structure request.

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