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CanadaPeptide provides differential scanning calorimetry services and can accurately measure endothermic and exothermic transitions of most sample types; including API, Formulations and other materials.

DSC is a powerful analytical tool for characterizing the stability of proteins and other biomolecules directly in its native form with the aid of suitable thermodynamic models.

DSC technique is very convenient requiring only minimal assay development, NO labeling or immobilization, and permits screening of large numbers of samples at low concentrations minimizing the consumption of valuable samples. It does this by measuring the heat change associated with the molecule’s thermal denaturation when heated at a constant rate. The resulting data provide critical guidance for biopharmaceutical development from protein engineering through pre-formulation and process development to formulation of the final product, driving productivity in biopharmaceutical research. We have reference samples meeting your requirement which are well-defined heat capacity over the range of temperatures to be scanned.

Key Protein Related services we can supply include:

  1. Monitoring protein affinity, specificity and activity.
  2. Observing protein fusion and crystallization.
  3. Characterization and selection of the most stable proteins or potential candidates in biotherapeutic development and formulation.
  4. Studying protein-ligand interactions.
  5. Rapid optimization of purification and manufacturing conditions.
  6. Quick stability assays for target proteins to be used for screening.