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SureSeal™ Sterile Sampling Bag, 18oz, 229mm x 114mm, Printed


SureSeal™ Sterile Sampling Bag, 4oz, 178mm x 76mm, Printed

SureSeal™ Sterile Sampling Bag, 18oz, 229mm x 114mm

Quick Overview

• Leak Proof & Air Tight
• Gamma Sterilized w/o Gas Residue
• Perforated Strip Guarantees Sterility
• Write on Block for Easy Labelling
• Shielded Tabs Ensure No Puncturing or Scratching
• 500 Bags per Package
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SureSeal Bags are gamma irradiated for sterilization which leaves a virgin interior surface without any toxic residue from gas exposure.

Samples can be easily collected by removing the tear strip above the wire closure and pulling on the two external grip tabs to open the mouth of the bag. Using grip tabs ensures sterility and eliminates the risk of contamination from finger contact. The sample may then be introduced into the bag, flip of fold the bag three times, bend the wires and your sample is secured inside an airtight and moisture sealed bag.

SureSeal bags are made of virgin polyethylene which results in excellent clarity and strength. They meet USDA, EPA and FDA standards and are provided sterile, RNase-Free, DNase-Free and are non pyrogenic.

The PVC tab that surrounds the stainless steel wire is extended beyond the wire end points to eliminate the potential risk of punctures, scratches to the users hands or gloves which may sometimes result from uncovered wire ends.

Several sizes are supplied with a white printed area that eliminates the use of tape, labels and ensures the marking last longer, remain clearly visible and resists smudges and smearing.

These bags can contain up to 1.6L (1600ML or 55 US Oz.) but they fold completely flat and require very little storage space.

Each package contains 500 individual bags.

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