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Culture Tube, 4ML, 12 x 75mm PP w/cap, 25/bag, sterile


Spreader Triangle, 60 x 235mm, 10/sterile bag, 10 bags/pack

Spreader Triangle, 30 x 207mm, 10/sterile bag, 10 bags/pack

Quick Overview

• Evenly Spread Cultures & Liquids
• Smooth Edges Minimize Gouging
• Available in "L", "T" and Triangle Configurations
• Ideal for Bacterial CFU Counts
• Pre Sterilized Requires No Flaming
• 1000 Spreaders per Case
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Canada Peptide's Bacteriological Spreaders are available in four different shapes and sizes. Available in the traditional L-Shape a similar T-Shape version and two Triangle shapes (Large & Small).

All spreaders are supplied in sterile packaging, but they are also autoclave safe and have smooth rounded edges which prevent unwanted cutting, scraping or gouging of agar during inoculation.

L-Shape Spreaders are the original design and are ideal for spreading bacteriological cultures evenly. The shape allows the user to rotate and easily apply throughout an entire round plate or dish. They are manufactured from high quality ABS plastic and have a slight upward curve at the edge which prevents scraping and dragging of the tool.

T-Shape Spreaders ensure that consistent and even pressure is applied across the entire span of the 34MM spreading surface. Designed for spreading and dispersing liquids across the surface of agar culture plates and commonly used for CFU plate counts on water, milk, urine, etc.

Triangle Shape Spreaders are the newest design which facilitates CFU count procedures. They have a grooved handle that enhances grip and orientation. Manufactured from high quality polypropylene, they are available in span sizes of 30MM and 60MM.

Each case contains 1000 Spreaders.

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