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SureSeal™ Sterile Sampling Bag, 2oz, 127mm x 76mm


MultiBox™, 4 compartments, 38 x 71 x 28mm each (11/2 x 2 13/16 x 11/8 in.), for various gels including half-mini protein gels

MultiBox™, 6 compartments, 33 x 103 x 35mm each (4 x 11/4 x 13/8 in.)

Quick Overview

• Perfect Box for Every Blot
• Reduces Antibody Usage
• Hinged Lid to Minimize Evaporation
• Use with Halves, Wholes, Strips or Minis
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No matter the size of the Western blot, we have a box that will fit perfectly.

With boxes that are correctly matched for common blot sizes, you can fit more blots on shakers and rockers while keeping reagent and antibody usage to a minimum.

All corners are formed at a 90° angle and the bottom surface is uniform and flat, this further reduces the consumption of costly reagents and antibodies.

The prices are what make them truly disposable, and all sizes are engineered from crystal clear polystyrene (except the black units which serve to protect the blots from light).

Additional Information

Catalog ID WBB-002-06