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FlowTubes™ with strainer cap, 12x75mm, 25/bag, 500/cs


40µm Cell straining kit, individually sterile wrapped, blue

Culture Tube, 12 ML, 17 x 100mm PS, w/cap, 1/sterile peel

Quick Overview

• Round Bottom Culture Tubes
• High Clarity Polymers
• Printed Graduation and Marking Spots
• Sterile
• RNase & DNase Free
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Canada Peptide's Sterile Culture Tubes are disposable tubes made of high quality polypropylene (PP) that can withstand temperatures ranging from -190°C to +120°C.

They are also available in crystal clear polystyrene (PS) , however the PS tubes are limited in temperature ranging from 0°C to 70°C.

Caps are made from polyethylene (PE) and feature the popular two position design ( up / loosened for aerobic work and down / sealed for anaerobic culture work).

Polystyrene tubes may be centrifuged at forces up to 2000 xg.
Polypropylene tubes withstand higher forces up to 4000 xg.

Each case contains 500 tubes packaged in a sterile peel package containing 1 tubes.

Additional Information

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