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Cryo storage box, 100 place (10 x 10), polycarbonate, with hinged lid and unique barcode


Stainless Steel Autoclave & Incubator Rack, Holds 41 x 15mL tubes

Cryo storage box, 81 place (9 x 9), polycarbonate, with hinged lid and unique barcode

Quick Overview

• Polycarbonate plastic able to withstand -196°C
• Convenient Hinged Lid
• Unique Barcode on Each Box
• Fully Autoclavable & Reusable
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New ultra-low temperature storage boxes are designed to hold 1.2mL to 2.0mL cryogenic vials.
An excellent and long lasting replacement for cardboard, these new polycarbonate boxes include a transparent hinged lid that offers an alphanumeric index for sample identification. The new hinged lid not only adds convenience by being able to be opened with just one hand, but also eliminates the confusion with sample identification caused by incorrect lid orientation.

The front of each box is fitted with a unique barcode for added identification benefits. These barcodes are permanently screened onto the box to ensure resistance to extreme temperatures and long term wear. Each barcode also includes an easy to read corresponding numeric code for manual identification.

Our freezer boxes are available in 81 place (9x9) and 100 place (10x10) formats which are designed to accomodate both self standing and round bottom cryogenic vials.
All boxes have venting and draining holes, are fully autoclavable and withstand liquid nitrogen freezing.
They are suitable for temperatures ranging from -196°C to +121°C and compatible with all standard 5.25 inch (133mm) freezer racks.

Each case contains 20 packs of 5 racks.

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