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Sibata Glass Separatory Funnel


Sibata Glass Filtering Flask

Compound Microscope, Trinocular

Quick Overview

The Compound Microscope features a phase-contrast/darkfield/brightfield with plan achromatic, it provides visual clarity
• Condenser: Abbe 1.25 N.A. with Iris Diaphragm
• Objectives: Brightfield / Darkfield / Phase Contrast, Plan Phase • Magnification: 10X Widefield, 20 mm Field Diameter
• Optical System: VIOS Infinity Corrected
• Illumination: 20W Variable Quartz Halogen, Koehler Field Diaphragm
• Viewing Head: Trinocular (Seidentopf) • Tube Inclination 30°, Rotation 360°, Interpupillary 55-75 mm, Dioptric -6 to +6 • Camera Port: 20/80 Split

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This Compound Microscope is built around a full-size frame, eliminating fatigue and strain associated with working long hours over a microscope.

The plan objectives provide exceptionally high optical flatness and visual clarity.

Additional Information

Catalog ID 1431BRI and 1433PHI