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Alcohol Tralle and Proof Hydrometer

Quick Overview

This Alcohol Tralle verifies the alcohol content of distilled spirits with proof scales alcohol hydrometer.
• Approx. Length: 305 mm and 355 mm
• Tralle Range: 0 to 100%
• Tralle Subdivisions/Tolerance: 1% / ±1%
• Proof Range: 0 to 200
• Proof Subdivisions/Tolerance: 2 / ±2%
• Calibrated for use at 60°F
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This Alcohol Tralle can verify the alcohol content of distilled spirits with the Tralle and proof scales alcohol hydrometer.

The hydrometer features an internal thermometer with Safety Blue fill for measuring solution temperature from -10 to + 100°F.

Additional Information

Catalog ID 6612-1 and 6612-2TS